Welcome to my brand new blog

So, how to start these things, already been sat here for half an hour thinking about it, and been actually thinking about starting this blog for the past year!!! then I thought JUST START ALREADY! So here goes. I am going to use this blog post to chat about my photography, which along with life in general, I am so enjoying right now, I feel happy and grateful for what I have, which compared to some is very little and to others fucking huge, its all about perspective. Not just the glass half full idea either, its so much more than that, we don’t see things as they are, but as we are. (You will have to put up with my musings on life too, deep man)

I am not a writer and I am lazy, so if you are looking for flowing creative grammatically correct verse, look away now lol!

Just going to write it as I say it, unrehearsed, unpracticed just as is (little bit of editing) and hopefully the sentiment will shine through and compensate.  Otherwise  I am just not going to do it!

“A Portrait a Day” on Instagram

Back on the 5th May this year I started my project “A Portrait a Day”, the rules are

1. I must ask permission and take a portrait of at least one person every day, (Can be as many as I like, but at least one)

2. I only use my Fuji X-E2s camera and 35mm 1.2 lens, with a speedlight and Roundflash modifier.

3.I make it as quick as possible, with the least interruption possible to the person.

4. Upload to Instagram before midnight each day.

I started this project as a way of making myself get out there every day, explore whats going on in Glasgow and meet great inspirational people and record them for prosperity, and practise my art, photography.

I chose to do it on Instagram as I find it a great place for photographers at this time, I was turned on to this fact from blogs and groups I was and am following, I will get some links in at some point. There is so much free inspirational stuff out there, and the posts I loved the most were ones that had a wee story with them, so armed with Facebook and Eventbright I started to register for free events who’s subject matter I was drawn to and just started getting out there. Now the fear of not getting the portrait overwhelms the fear of getting out there and asking!

Best thing I ever did and am enjoying it so much, meeting truly wonderful people, doing what I love most in the world.

(Only had one refusal in all this time!)

Some of my faves so far……..













To see the stories behind the pics and see a new one every day check out my instagram


Hope y’all will come along for the ride, get chatty and comment , whatever, as long as its kind, nonjudgemental, anything we say does not make it the truth, just our truth at that time and certainly doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong, as Mack Miller said (RIP) “It is what it is till it ‘aint”

Peace, love and musicality