Last week I had the immense honour of photographing another of the many wonderful productions from The Citizens Theatre. I have said before I look upon this work as therapy, because I am much more than a photographer at these events. I am a willing participant in the healing power of creative pursuits, whatever they are. As the women (this was an all woman show) open up with their fears and traumas I connect and it really helps me process my own life in a strong positive way.. The love I get from these participants is overwhelming and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to being part of something so positive and energising.


This particular idea was brought over from Rotterdam by Kaat Zoontjens and Inez Schatz (second and fourth above)  from Women Connected,           and adapted by Community Drama Artist Elly Goodman (Third) and Community drama Worker Carly McGaig. Community Artist does not cover what these amazing women do. They inspire, encourage,  and open  up opportunities at better lives for hundreds of people, me included.