Maryhill Integration Network

MIN has been able to utilise Karen’s photographs not only through exhibitions and publications but also as tangible evidence of our work and as such we have found her to be invaluable.


Citizen’s Theatre

Karen is a fantastic photographer and is my first choice particularly when photographing the Citizens Theatres work in the community. We have worked with Karen for a number of years in a variety of settings, from prisons, homeless units and at the Citizens Theatre. We can always rely on her to capture important and emotional moments within the process, which illuminates the work beautifully. Karen can read a room very well and is an instinctive photographer, knowing how to use the space and light and maximising on the potential of the room.


Elly Goodman Community Drama Artist


Karen brings so much to each project, she has an acute understanding of the photographer’s role whilst working in highly sensitive areas and gently gains the confidence of those she engages with.When working with Karen it has been her responsibility to visually document the workshop process and final outcomes, the images captured each time are of the highest professional quality beautifully documenting each project in great detail.



Rikki Traynor Community Arts Facilitator